Fake passports for sale

Our Novelty Documents are all scannable, with original hologram and UV. microprint, laser engraving. The documents are NOT registered in the database, but everything will be like the original REAL document. Shipping from the UK and EU within 48 to 72 hours! We only sell the best quality, you will not find better IDs anywhere. 

Email: fastdocuments@mail.ru | WhatsApp: +447898513002

Novelty passport for sale

We are one of the foremost experienced hackers and paper workgroups within the world. This association has been operating internationally now for 18 years. with no boundaries with a good number of documents circulating legally worldwide. Fast Documents began in Moscow in 2002. A branch created in the united kingdom in 2010.

  • High Quality Materials

    Our agents provide us with the best materials to produce documents from the Black Market. For Novelty passports or bank statements, and driver's license, we use less sophisticated materials.

  • Fast Delivery

    Shipping is usually done using either FedEx, UPS, USPS, or DHL, depending on your location in the world. So, the average shipping is 72 hours, but it can take up to 5 days for some countries.

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Do you need your documents like yesterday?

if you are lacking time to go through a standard process of obtaining a personal identification document. Fortunately, there are a lot of vendors who provide fake passports for sale on the web. Your only task is to find a reliable one and make an order. Send us a message

Our Services

  • Buy Credit Cards

    80,000 credit card numbers on sale. The data grants access from various countries around the world.  Buy credit cards online with bitcoin. £20 per credit card. 

  • Fake Bank Statement

    Fake Bank Statement. Create your own replacement or fake bank statement of the most known UK, American, and European banks.

  • Buy Driver’s License

    Fast Documents is here to supply you with a driver's license without you taking any driver’s license exam. By so doing we also save you a lot of money and time. 

  • Buy fake passports

    Fake passports for sale to complete your new identity. Our fake passports are exactly like the original passports. Fake UK passports, and more. 


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    Quality Services

    We are wholly engaged in providing our customers with quality services only. We take each project as a challenge and complete it with utmost dedication.

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    Timely Delivery

    We respect the deadlines and complete each project within the timeframe as promised to the customer. You can completely rely on us in terms of timely delivery of the project.

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    Cost-Effective Services

    We charge a very reasonable price for each service at our company. You are not required to make a hole in your pocket to avail any of the mentioned services here.

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