Pay with Bitcoins

Paying for your order with BTC guarantees smoothest and fastest order execution with no delays or manual approvals! 

You can always double check the status of your bitcoin transaction on independent 3d party Blockchain explorer website, searching by your wallet address. With bitcoin, you can rest assured knowing where your money is!

NB!: Please have your BTC/LTC ready before you place the order, else the payment window countdown will expire and the status of your payment will need to be confirmed manually by member of our staff. In other words, buy bitcoin first – place the order second.

Don’t have Bitcoin yet?

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal & Debit/Credit Card – No Verification/ No KYC – (Buy EOS, TRON, WAX Also!). Buy bitcoins instantly with visa or master cards. Takes less than an hour to buy your first crypto safely and anonymously.

After a successful buy bitcoins, transfer the bitcoins to the address: 1NiTPKNfAnHJPxuf5y5DoCxBvoZGVYkkh


Credit and Debit Cards (Crypto Voucher)

We offer a Safe, Secure and Fast method of payment. Use a Credit card to buy a crypto voucher and complete payment within 30 seconds. Email us for more information.