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Fresh and High-Quality CC & CVV from all countries in the world.

Data Format: Card Number | Expire Month | Expire Year | CVV | Card Type | Holder Name | Card Level | Country | Email

Note: All our cards are coming without address, most of them are non-AVS (Address Verification System), you can use any fake billing address when you make carding.


Buy credit card numbers with bitcoin

You will get a High Quality known balance cc (100% live not some rubbish cards like my competitor ones)!
So, You will get the current balance (how much is owed to the bank by CH ) You will get available credit (so you know exactly how much to charge!
You will also get the last statement date /amount and the next statement due /amount just so you get your head around it (in case your method takes a while you know exactly how to move around it.

You will receive the following card format:

CC number | expiry | CVV | first name | last name | address | city | state | zipcode | email | phone number (where available) | current balance | available credit |

Cards designed for Paypal/stripe/square/Venmo no more wasting time and money trying to find a card that works, with me you will hit first time guaranteed!
Always bought cards not knowing how much to charge, and worried about charging too much and killing the card? NOT with my cards, you will know EXACTLY how much is in there so you can charge it without worrying! Buy credit card numbers with bitcoin


15 x random card with high balance, 50 x random card with high balance


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